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Estate Planniong Brochures
Planned Giving Pocket Guuide for Professional Gift Planners

The Pocket Guide

Three versions: Professional Gift Planners, Major Gifts Officers, and for Board, Volunteers and Philanthropists. 

Online Will Planning Tool

Making Estate and Legacy Planning accessible, simple, personal, and FREE for your donors.

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Planned Giving Wiki

Your central source for planned giving reference. Complete with FAQs.

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Planned Giving Downloads, Tools, Resources


Put these resources to jump-start your nonprofit’s planned giving and major gifts program (download as many as you wish). Don’t forget to customize.

Also review our “almost free” documents on wills, trusts and estates on this page.

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“Almost Free” Foundational Documents

Foundational Documents on wills, trusts and estates.

Uses include: 

  • Blog
  • Direct Mail
  • Brochures, Magazines, Fliers
  • Social Media
  • Any communications with donors and the public.

Endow Your Annual Gift

As you transition your prospects from annual giving to endowment / long-term / major giving, you may want to begin to educate them about your endowment and what it does for your organization. More.

Year-End Giving Brochures

Seasonal and holiday-themed brochures and postcards. 

Planned Giving Boot Camp

Over 15 videos for your organization’s giving website.

Donor Story Testimonial Form

Compile more donor stories with our Donor Story Testimonial Form

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FREE DOWNLOAD: 25 Estate Documents You Need to Put in One Place

Post on your planned giving website as a download, hand out at legacy society events, enclose with bequest brochures, make it part of your LegacyPlanner Campaign.

25 Estate Planning Documents
25 Estate Planning Documents to Have in One Place