IRAs: The Queen on Our Chessboard

WEBINAR With Jeff Comfort

[Why, Not What. Read Jeff Comfort’s Journey.] You know your donors can use an IRA to make a sizable gift to your nonprofit — but do they? IRAs are the most powerful and flexible game piece on the philanthropy chess board. Let’s play to win! Under the new tax law, which has greatly limited the deductions donors can take, IRA rollover gifts are a far-more attractive, tax-wise way for donors to make a substantial gift. And with $8 trillion in assets (and growing) on the table, this is an opportunity your nonprofit can’t afford to miss. In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • Rules for IRA gift plans
  • How to maximize lifetime gifts through IRA rollovers
  • How to maximize gifts through beneficiary designations
  • How to effectively market IRA gift plans
  • How a gift option that uses a CRT funded with an IRA promises to be a lucrative source of planned giving revenue.
  • New IRA regulations: if they pass who it’s good for and who it will harm (is it “us” against “them”?)
  • … and much more.
Bonus takeaways for the IRA Rollover:
  • Promotional copy for multiple direct-mail letters for both early in the year and late in the fall
  • Follow-up postcards and email text
  • Letter of instruction your donors can send to their IRA plan providers
  • Sample gift acknowledgement/thank you letter
Join me and #JeffComfort for this very informative webinar. Allocate about 90 minutes.
REGISTER // September 24, 2 PM, 2019

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