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Strategies for fundraising execs to build their careers.

Major and Planned Gifts, Personal Development, Executive Leadership, Time Management, and More.


Landscape of Major Funding

The New Normal is that planned gifts have become a significant part of major gifts. You need to know both, and that requires strategy, not tactics. Some nonprofits are now reporting 31% to 51% of all funding come from planned gifts alone.

Planned giving has also become a high-earning profession. So here’s your chance to step up, learn the industry, even keep yourself polished if you’re a seasoned pro, and help your organization — and you — grow, at the same time.

Our mission is to teach you strategies to navigate this new landscape. 

The learning modules are not linear. You can skip a session, make it up, and move on to another one. And since they’re shorter sessions, allocating your time is easy. 

Learning in small chunks is pleasurable, digestible, easier on your time, and increases retention. Every session has takeaways you can put to use immediately.

Let’s be frank. Planned giving is not exactly Entertainment Weekly. Some topics are intense. Despite this, all are presented in a manner to provide “A-HA” moments. Each short session makes your time count.

Why Enroll Today?

When opportunity knocks it’s too late to prepare. Procrastination is not an option for successful people, especially when emergencies arise and our economy continues to evolve. Through preparation, planned giving will always present you great opportunities.

Your Chance to Learn and Grow.

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