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Recording Planned Gifts


Between the development office and the financial office is the most hotly issues on how we count planned gifts.

This webinar addresses best practices to bring both sides of the house together for donor stewardship, nonprofit success and financial accountability.

  • Three takeaways
  • Three action plans
Slides (PDF)

Meredith Sossman, JD, CFRE

30 Minutes

Strategic Advancement Planning


Often, fundraisers are working hard, making friends and raising money, but are doing so without a plan. There has not been time, and perhaps the expertise, but you know you need one. This presentation helps organizations to make the case to leadership to spend the money and time to create a strategic advancement plan.


  1. How long does the planning process take?
  2. How much does the planning process cost?
  3. Is the interview process confidential?
  4. What is the main objection to planning?
  5. How does strategic advancement planning differ from strategic planning?
  6. What is the typical ROI on strategic advancement planning?

Key Takeaways:

  1. To understand the value of strategic advancement planning.
  2. To understand the process to create a strategic advancement plan.
  3. To develop arguments to leadership to undertake the planning process.
Slides (PDF)

Paul Yeghiayan, CFRE

36 Minutes

How to Talk to Your Board

  • You’re on the same team. 
  • Find Ways to Communicate 
  • Board presentations 
  • Educating Board Members 
Slides (PDF)

Mike Henry

31 Minutes

The Planned Giving Bible

Every planned gift is a major gift. That's why a good major gifts officer should know something about planned giving.

Get the The Planned Giving Bible™ — it's your definitive yet practical reference on how planned gifts work.

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