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First Planned Giving Visit


Planned giving is where these three meet: trust, commitment, personal legacy. This Micro-Lesson explains how to understand donor passions, how they became involved, their concerns, their and family involvement, feelings about your mission and more.

The Micro-Lesson also covers listening skills to understand more about their family issues and the kind of sensitive questions to be cautious about.

  • How to prepare the “interview”
  • Sample open-ended questions to get donors talking
  • Three takeaways
  • Three action plans
Slides (PDF)

Meredith Sossman, JD, CFRE

23 Minutes



This Micro-Course will show you: 

  • Why good storytelling is important to your organization.  
  • What makes a good story. 
  • How to use storytelling to inspire prospects and donors to take action. 
  • How do you get a story? 
  • Are there stories to avoid? 
  • Three takeaways 
  • Three action plans 
Slides (PDF)

Patrick O’Donnell

28 Minutes

Proofreading Boot Camp


So, you think you’re good? This Micro-Lesson’s proofreading quizzes will drive you crazy. 

But more importantly, errors drive off donors, panic prospects, and erode an organization’s authority and brand equity.  

So, “What’s in a typo?” you ask. Well, it’s like compound interest … over time it erodes trust, your reputation, and your brand.  

Don’t let mistakes undermine your messaging. 

Learn from the pros — these proofreading tips and tricks come from editors and English language experts who’ve worked at some of the nation’s top publications, including The New York Times, The Oregonian, The Pittsburgh-Tribune Review, and more.  

This Micro-Lesson covers: 

  • How to quickly spot (and fix) common typos and mistakes 
  • How the obvious gets ignored 
  • How to avoid misspelling names 
  • Easy-to-remember grammar hacks 
  • A list of free tools and resources 
  • Lots of “tests that are very testy” 
  • Three takeaways 
  • Three action plans 
Slides (PDF)

Patrick O’Donnell                                          & Viken Mikaelian

32 Minutes

Planned Giving Before Campaign


Part I of a three-part series:

  1. Planned Giving Before
  2. Planned Giving During
  3. Planned Giving After

Recent advances in fundraising have led to most of the money being raised during campaigns. Is this more of a problem or an opportunity for planned giving? The campaign cycle creates both major hurdles and a rotating set of opportunities for planned giving. Does your boss or your charity see a capital campaign as a reason to put gift planning on the back shelf? This webinar will help you see the numerous ways to incorporate gift planning into campaigns.

This first installment in a three-part series focuses on how to incorporate planned giving goals from the start of the campaign planning process. It will help you become the well-informed capable professional who can bring transformational options to the table.

  • Three takeaways
  • Three action plans
Slides (PDF)

Dr. Scott Janney, CFRE                                & Viken Mikaelian

46 Minutes

Interviewing Secrets


Whether you’re writing a donor story, chatting with a prospect or getting to know a new board member, good interviewing skills will give you an edge.  

Learn how the professionals get even the toughest subjects to open up and share their secrets. This Micro-Webinar covers: 

  • How to prepare for an interview 
  • Sample open-ended questions to get your subject talking 
  • Interviewing tips sourced from professional writers and journalists
  • Takeaways and action plans included. 
Slides (PDF)

Patrick O’Donnell                                          & Viken Mikaelian

25 Minutes

The Planned Giving Bible

Every planned gift is a major gift. That's why a good major gifts officer should know something about planned giving.

Get the The Planned Giving Bible™ — it's your definitive yet practical reference on how planned gifts work.

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