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The Planned Giving Bible

The Planned Giving Bible is now PlannedGiving.Wiki

The Planned Giving Bible, now PlannedGiving.Wiki, is the ultimate planned giving online reference tool. It covers all of the relevant information you’ll ever need as a professional gift planner.

From simple gifts like bequests to more complicated gifts that pay income or protect assets, it covers them all, in detail. You’ll learn the ins and outs of charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, pooled income funds, donor advised funds, and more.

It is not designed to make you a tax attorney. But it surely covers just enough to almost be in that league!

Get your copy soon. It would be a sin to miss out on this guide.

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Giving Tomorrow Magazine

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Giving Tomorrow gives you access to exclusive tips, tricks, interviews and advice for building your organization and your career. It’s a key step in joining our unique network of thought leaders. We see things through a different lens — and you will, too. Our focus: marketing planned and major gifts and personal development. Here’s more information.

Other benefits include:

  • Planned Giving Pocket Guide (for professional fundraisers)
  • Pocket Guide for Beginners
  • Pocket Guide for Board
  • Major Gifts Today (see below)
Major Gifts Today Online

Major Gifts Today

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Focus: Major Gifts and Personal Development

Subscribing to Major Gifts Today gives you access to valuable interviews, information, and advice for building your nonprofit — and your career.

This monthly brief contains bite-sized articles from industry experts, exploring trends and offering non-profit success stories and tips. It is perfect for the busy executive.

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Join our unique network of professionals in the world of philanthropy through Major GiftsPlanned Gifts and/or a combination of the two (Blended Gifts). They all go hand in hand.

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