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Russell James JD, PhD, CFP

Russell has spent a quarter century in planned giving—as a fundraiser, an estate planning attorney, a fundraiser/college president, and now as a professor at Texas Tech University where he uses the latest scientific technology to research brain activity in donors. He has over 100 publications in academic journals, conference proceedings, professional periodicals, and books including 20 on neuroimaging and neuroeconomics. He recently released a series of four books, which he has generously made available for free to the nonprofit community. 

The Storytelling Fundraiser: The Brain, Behavioral Economics, and Fundraising Story

Digital copyAudiobook

The Epic Fundraiser: Myth, Psychology, and the Universal Hero Story

Digital copyAudiobook 

The Primal Fundraiser: Game Theory and the Natural Origins of Effective Fundraising

Digital copyAudiobook

The Socratic Fundraiser: Using Questions to Advance the Donor’s Story

Digital copyAudiobook 

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