Flexible, Engaging Content

Affordable Videos for Your Organization, Website, & Social Media

Audio-Visual Content Is Highly Engaging:

  • Share videos on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Share on YouTube.
  • Share in emails.
  • Embed them in e-broadcasts to generate higher click through rates.
  • Host them on your planned giving website.
  • Use as teaching tools for your team, board, volunteers.

Video is now the go-to source of content on the web. And this is why our planned giving websites and landing pages are becoming more video-based.

With video, comprehension and retention goes up: Studies show that when presented with information, most remember just 10 percent of what they heard or read after three days. Pair that content with video, that figure jumps to 65 percent.

An industry rule of thumb estimates between $1,500 to $3,000 per finished minute of video for a quality presentation. This does not include specialty vetted content and your personal time involvement with a studio and a copywriter. We bring these videos at very affordable prices and update them as necessary.

Call your gift specialist at 800-490-7090 ( for more information on the new, complete premium educational series*, pre-release pricing and the ability to add your logo to the videos

* An entire series of new, premium videos are under development that cover all planned gifts (16 – 24 giving vehicles). These will be ideal if your goal is to populate your entire website with the same theme. Release date: August 15th, 2021.