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The Disney Difference: The Complete Guide to Adding Disney-Like Magic to your Corporation or Organization

Transform Your Business or Nonprofit OrganizationThe Disney Difference is must-reading for fans of Disney or for anyone who wants to apply the lessons and magic of Walt Disney to their organization.

If you serve customers, charitable donors, or guests, this book will show you how you can give your best and give everyone a more magical experience.

“The Disney Difference is packed with enjoyable history about Walt Disney and his ‘world.’ But more than a fun Disney archive, Wayne Olson’s book emphasizes the importance of customer relations through the Disney lens. That’s why I recommend it. Dazzling customers with remarkable service. Yes!” — Dan T. Cathy, Chairman and CEO Chick-fil-A

“I’ve read lots of books about Disney, and this one is a gem. Read this for new insights and useful ideas.” — Mark Sanborn, The Fred Factor

Words of Encouragement: Wit, Wisdom and Warmth for You

This collection of timeless quotations in a modern context will lift and encourage the reader. Designed to inspire and motivate, it is a perfect read when you need a little boost.

Designed to also be a gift, this book can be given to someone who needs a little encouragement. Quick, fun and easy to read, this will inspire and encourage you to be your best and look at life in a warm way.

Think Like a Donor, Creative & Simple Ideas for Getting More Gifts and Improving Donor Relations

It is the question every fundraiser, every nonprofit, and every charity asks: How can we raise more money for our cause? This is book is a collection of quick tips that is meant to be read quickly, easily and used immediately. Think like a Donor answers the question with ways that every nonprofit, big or small, can use to raise more funds and improve donor relations. Think Like a Donor gives anyone who raises funds, or who wants to, ways to raise money by looking at fundraising from the donor's point of view. This book will give you a handy tool and reminder of ways to raise money, whether you are a professional gift officer, reluctant fundraiser, volunteer or board member. You can build a better charity.

Big Gifts, Small Effort: Unleash Planned Giving’s power for board members, development officers and everyone who wants to raise enough money to change their nonprofit forever.

Big Gifts, Small Effort is an indispensable resource for board members, fundraisers, pastors, development officers and anyone who wants to raise more money for their charity or nonprofit through planned giving. Written in easy-to-understand, practical language Big Gifts, Small Effort shows how non-profits large and small can increase their funding. Learn how simple steps can increase donations significantly through wills, trusts and gift annuities, among others.

Fundraising for Nonprofit Board Members: Wholesome goodness for you and your nonprofit

Fundraising for Nonprofit Board Members is the essential resource for all board members charged with fundraising. Fundraising for Nonprofit Board Members answers essential questions such as:

What is a board member's role in fundraising?
Should a board member be expected to ask friends and associates for money?
Will board members be begging?
Isn't that what fundraising really is?
Should a board member expect to give personally to the charity?
What is a special event, a will, an annual fund, and what do they have to do with fundraising and the board member's responsibility?

Each chapter gives board members the tools they need to be effective and efficient fundraisers. Rather than being something board members "have to do," fundraising will become more productive and even enjoyable.

Each chapter also ends with questions to help reinforce highlights from the chapter, and gives boards much-needed discussion points for the next board meeting. Fundraising for Nonprofit Board Members is a must-have resource for any nonprofit board member. It shows what each board member needs to know about fundraising, and dispels many myths that make fundraising seem unappealing. When you approach fundraising equipped with the right knowledge and setting, you will succeed in fulfilling your fundraising responsibilities, but better yet, you will enjoy your time and actually enjoy raising money for your organization. Discover fundraising is NOT about asking for money. And how you can raise more money by never asking for money.

Fundraising for Nonprofit Board Members makes an ideal gift for CEOs and Board Chairs to give to each board member at the beginning of the year or when someone joins the board.

Donor Centered Fundraising

Donor Centered Fundraising

In this fully updated and substantially expanded second edition, author, researcher and fundraising expert Penelope Burk describes her groundbreaking methodology that challenges accepted fundraising practice with strategies that extend donor loyalty and raise much more money. Supported by dozens of studies over twenty years involving tens of thousands of donors, Donor-Centered Fundraising paints a candid picture of why donors stop giving, and what it will take to preserve their ongoing loyalty in the future. In clear language and backed by statistical evidence, the book explores the pitfalls of the fundraising industry’s traditional approaches to donor communication and recognition, and clarifies what donors want but seldom get from not-for-profits they support. Donor-Centered Fundraising features straightforward and accessible forecasts that illustrate how much money charitable organizations are failing to raise by employing an approach to fundraising designed for another time and a different donor sensibility. It then goes on to offer readers a step-by-step guide that transforms any not-for-profit into a Donor-Centered organization. Filled with eye opening, humorous and often poignant anecdotes from donors and fundraisers, Donor-Centered Fundraising is the authoritative text for fundraisers, executive directors, board members, donor relations professionals and any staff or volunteers who interact with donors or deal with the financial support of not-for-profits. Donor-Centered Fundraising is today's essential fundraising methodology for the not-for-profit sector.  

The Little Book of Nonprofit Leadership

Donor Centered Fundraising

Nonprofit expert Erik Hanberg wrote The Little Book of Nonprofit Leadership to speak directly to Executive Directors of small (and very small) nonprofits who are asking these questions. EDs, especially at small nonprofits, tend to be dropped into the deep end of the pool with the expectation that they know how to swim. The Little Book of Nonprofit Leadership will be a welcome rescue line.

The Little Book of Gold

A Top 12 Must-Read Book For Nonprofit Employees
The Little Book of Gold is a practical and step-by-step guide to professional fundraising. It's dedicated to helping small (and very small) non-profits unlock their fundraising potential. Avoid common pitfalls and get tips on proven methods that work. This book has helped thousands of nonprofits improve their fundraising.

This short guide helps new Executive Directors, active board chairs, and other key staff in charge of fundraising to learn the basics of professional and sustainable fundraising. Geared specifically for non-profits with small and very small budgets (a few hundred thousand dollars a year down to the smallest budgets).

Revised and expanded!