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Planned Giving Is Having a Moment*

Will Your Nonprofit Reap the Rewards?

Training is Key.

The most successful charities (top 1% of all nonprofits) know that the road to success is paved with planned gifts. It’s no coincidence that the Best of the Best have strong legacy giving programs and train their staff regularly.

So why not cash in on the momentum and make the most of the Great Wealth Transfer — a once-in-a-lifetime event? 

Give yourself and your nonprofit the edge. Enroll today.

Why Planned Giving?

More prospects: Likely 5 times larger than your capital pool.

Annual giving increases: Those who make a planned gift increase their outright giving by 75% — and it stays up.

It’s “philanthropy for the rest of us”: Anyone can include a gift in their estate plan. They can name you as a beneficiary of their retirement plan with 15 minutes’ work, no legal fees, and no impact on their daily cash flow.

It’s simple: Bequests make up over 90% of all planned gifts.

It’s highly effective: A typical planned gift is 200 to 300 times the size of a donor’s largest annual gift.

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Non-Cash Assets: Opportunity and Reward

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Planned Giving to Join the Top 1%



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Is the Great Wealth Transfer Really Here?



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Future Topics

  • Donor Communications Masterclass: How to Cultivate and Engage Donors via Snail Mail, E-Mail, and More…
  • How to Build an Online Fundraising System for Your Nonprofit
  • How to Supercharge Your Email Fundraising to Raise More than Ever Before
  • How to Write a Supercharged Fundraising Plan for Your Nonprofit
  • How to Write a Compelling Case for Support for Your Nonprofit
  • The Leadership Masterclass: How to Become the Leader Your Nonprofit Needs to Succeed
  • How to Find a Steady Stream of New Donors for Your Nonprofit
  • The Art of the Ask: How to Ask Donors to Make a Gift In-Person, on the Phone, or via Letter or E-Mail

Planned giving and major gifts go hand-in-hand.

Some planned gifts can also be major gifts, and some major gifts will inspire planned gifts. Planned giving research is also a great way to identify potential major donors.

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