Why? Because there’s Riches in Niches.

Planned giving is a niche market. And in this niche market, it’s easy to reach your audience because we’ve already identified them.

Giving Tomorrow readers are:

  • Thought leaders with a mind for success
  • Key decision makers at nonprofits across the nation
  • Professionals who understand fundraising is a business
  • Always using expertise from outside professionals
  • Highly motivated gift and development officers
  • Strongly focused in planned giving

COVER STORY: Jeff Comfort, Vice President of Principal Gifts and Gift Planning at Oregon State University, talks about effective marketing, connecting with donors, and going from not even knowing what “development” meant to being recruited by planned giving departments at some of the nation’s top universities.

COVER STORY: Eileen Heisman, President and CEO of National Philanthropic Trust, doesn’t subscribe to today’s trendy aspiration of excessive leisure time, early retirement, or even the “work-life balance” we hear so much about.

Aims and Scope


When we launched Giving Tomorrow in 2007 (back then, it was Planned Giving Tomorrow), our mission was to connect the planned giving world’s best and brightest with the kinds of articles and information that would show them how to raise more (and bigger) gifts, helping them to grow their organizations and their careers.

Over the years, we’ve stayed true to that mission while evolving the magazine to keep pace with the ever-changing philanthropy landscape. Giving Tomorrow is the first and only magazine devoted to marketing planned gifts and blended gifts.

Giving Tomorrow is full of informative content, like research-based how-to articles on marketing, donor relations, stewardship, fundraising, career-building and more; interviews with thought leaders from the philanthropy and business worlds; expert opinions on current fundraising trends; technical columns tackling marketing roadblocks, problem-solving, gift plans, tax issues and other practical advice; statistics and infographics; and advice on personal development, networking, and fundraising best practices.

Distribution / Outreach

Published 11 times a year:

  • 10 Issues a year (1,500) to serious-minded, highly-focused clients, fundraisers, CFOs and CEOs.
  • 1 Issue a year (16,200) to our entire database.

29% / 71%

Age Range (majority)
28 – 60 Education
99% College +

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