Inspire donors and peers with your knowledge.

Do you know what endowments are and how they work? The majority of fundraisers don’t. And if you’re in that group, you just demoted yourself.

Gain respect, establish authority with this valuable informational.

(Understanding endowments, policies that govern them, how they work, reasons why a nonprofit should have one or begin building one through planned gifts. Valuable booklet.)


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Gain Respect. Establish Authority.

When you visit a financial advisor and discover she does not know the difference between stocks and bonds, how comfortable would you be working with her? You’d probably walk out the door.

When a prospect approaches your nonprofit, they expect you to know the fundraising basics — like which planned gifts pay income; what makes your nonprofit stand out; and how an endowment works.

Don’t give your prospects a reason to walk out the door. Educate yourself and grow your career along with your organization. This booklet is a great start. It covers everything a gifts officer needs to know about endowments: how they work; the pros and cons of an endowment; how to attract donors; and much more.

Fundraisers often struggle in silence. We have identified six key areas where they seem to need the most help:

  1. Listening
  2. Time management
  3. Understanding money
  4. Understanding how the wealthy think
  5. Initiating legacy conversations
  6. Understanding endowments

This booklet will help any fundraiser understand endowments. As to the rest, sign up for our upcoming webinars.

A little education will get you and your organization in the fast lane to success.


Wayne Olson, Esq.
Senior Director of Planned Giving Shriners Children’s

Jonathan Gudema, JD
Senior Legal Counsel, PlannedGiving.com


Melissa Wetzel, CFRE, President, Wetzel & Associates
Viken Mikaelian, CEO, PlannedGiving.com
Caitlin Fillmore, Freelance Writer and Journalist

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