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What would it cost you to produce these materials yourself?

  • Pay a marketing copywriter
  • Pay a planned giving specialist
  • Pay an attorney
  • Pay a proofreader
  • Pay a graphic designer
  • Pay with your time to oversee the project
Don’t forget to include "opportunity costs" — the cost of the gifts you didn’t have time to solicit.

Browse our extensive collection of planned giving resources for tools that will fast track you to success. Most are free to our clients. Not yet a client? Not a problem! Many of these items can be purchased for a modest fee versus developing them yourself in exchange for a migraine.

We put a lot of time and effort into curating this collection of assets. It represents more than two decades of experience creating powerful, cost-effective planned giving marketing solutions. To learn more about what we do and how we work, visit us online, or give us a call at (800) 490-7090.

Please Read First

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  • We do our best to produce top-quality materials. If you download a tool or document and feel the editorial content could be improved, we’d like to hear from you. In fact, we’ll even revise it and see how you like it. If it was something you purchased and you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money, 100% guaranteed. And any improvements we make will be applied for future downloads. This helps us to improve and update our offerings, which in turn helps the fundraising community.
  • Each product is licensed to a single organization. We have a strict copyright policy, and we enforce it.
  • Using our content online? A link back to would be appreciated, but is not required.
  • Are you a consultant and need multiple licenses? Let’s discuss.
  • Looking for something we missed? Let us know and we’ll get to work — it’s likely that another client may need the same content! We can also create custom content tailored to the specific needs of your program.
  • Some templates are in Adobe InDesign. The files include fonts that may not be on your system, and the included pictures we provide are generic. This is deliberate, as we expect you to customize it with your own brand elements and photos. These templates are not meant for beginners: Adobe InDesign is not an easy program to learn and use. Unless you have a graphic design background, you should consider a graphic designer or a print shop to aid you.
  • Planned giving takes patience, consistency, and people skills. Some planned gifts can get complicated but marketing them shouldn’t be. We’ve developed these materials to make your job easier, but they’re meant for occasional, one-time use. To take your planned giving marketing program to the next level, and for solutions to more demanding challenges, contact us today. We’ve served over 15,000 nonprofits since 1998.