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You Want It When?

It’s 3:30 PM on Friday, December 16.

Your boss marches into your office and reminds you that you have not drafted the year-end appeal that he needs Monday morning. He also gently suggests that the department needs a Ways-of-Giving brochure by January 15. Printed and mailed. “Oh,” he adds, “and how about the thank-you acknowledgement letter for those incoming gifts?”

The holidays are approaching, you have a board event to attend, a departmental Christmas party, and you just realized you forgot to buy that special gift for your loved one. Not to mention shopping for your kids.

With all this going on, do you have enough time to draft, write, and re-write your letter, and to deal with a graphic designer for the brochure? How about the social-media campaign you totally forgot about?

Do you really want to spend your weekend drafting content?

There Is a Better Way

You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find all the tools you need, all of which you can download and personalize to give it your touch. Our content will not meet your needs 100%. But it’s 80% there – saving you 80% of your time.

It’s as Easy as it Gets.


All the Tools You Need

  • FREE: Sample letters, conversation starters, sample codicil and more
  • Wills, trusts, estates (filler articles)
  • Estate planning brochure copy templates
  • Ready-made templates (brochures, postcards and more)
  • Gift acceptance policy templates
  • Planned giving videos
  • Planned giving social media posts
  • Gifting vehicle specification (“sell”) sheets
  • Planned Giving Pocket Guides
  • Major Gifts Today e-Zine (free!)