Look How Much a Bequest Can Do

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Here’s everything you want your prospects to know about giving through their will.


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This newsletter article (two pages in a typical standard-sized newsletter) highlights both the benefits and the specifics of estate-plan gifts that includes:

  • Sample language for specific, residual and contingent bequests
  • Explanation of restricted and unrestricted bequests
  • Information on testamentary life-income gifts
  • Planning points and Q&A

Bonus: This copy describes the benefits of the building-block of planned gifts, bequests, making it the ideal lead-off article if you’re starting or reviving a newsletter series. That’s why we’ve included in this download, free of charge, a letter you can send to your prospects announcing and promoting your newsletters. Get your marketing off to a great start without additional time or expense.

How the copy is structured:

  • A will is one of the easiest major gifts you can make: it’s simple, it’s revocable, it’s private, and it’s welcomed.
  • Choose the bequest that best fits your needs: specific, residual, contingent.
  • Tell us how to use your bequest: unrestricted or restricted
  • Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns
    • “Can my bequest provide for both you and my family?”
    • “My advisors suggested a trust, not a will.”
    • “Are bequests deductible?”
    • “Can you write a will for me?”

This document can easily be dissected into smaller articles for multiple uses.