Pocket Guide For Major Gifts Officers – Branded (Clients Only)

Everyone on your team should have an idea what planned giving is about. This small booklet will enable staff members to “begin” a conversation and make donors feel comfortable that theirs a team behind their philanthropic efforts.

  • Essential Gift Plans
  • Elevator Pitches
  • Gift Comparison Chart
  • Who to Ask; What to Ask For
  • 8.5 x 11 (Printer Friendly)
  • Distribution Rights (Your Brand)
  • Custom Cover Photo    
  • Your Logo on Cover    
  • Your Cover Letter    
  • Your Logo, Name, Contact Info


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Planned Giving Guide for Major Gifts Officers
This item: Pocket Guide For Major Gifts Officers - Branded (Clients Only)

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Three Planned Giving Pocket Guides
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Planned Giving Pocket Guide for Professional Gift Planners
  • Educate Your Team
  • Inspire Legacy Gifts

This is the simplified yet more of a “100-mile-high-view” version of our Pocket Guide for Professional Gift Planners.

Want your program to grow? Begin with this booklet. It is for all the “MGOs” in your staff … yet works for CEOs and administrative staff too. Specifically developed with the Major Gifts Officer in mind.

  • Who to Ask
  • What to Ask For
  • How to Ask
  • 3 Most Popular Types of Planned Gifts
    • Beneficiary Designations 
    • Bequests 
    • Blended Gifts 
  • Other Types of Planned Gifts (with diagrams)
    • Gifts That Pay Income (CGAs, Unitrusts, PIFs, etc.)
    • Gifts That Protect Donor’s Assets (Lead Trusts, Bargain Sale, Etc.)
    • Gifts of Personal Property 
    • Donor Advised Funds 
  • Your First Next Steps
  • Planned Giving Elevator Pitches
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