Year-End Giving: 7 Strategies for Giving

Majority of gifts are made at year end. Here’s a brochure that describes how and reminds the donor of a few critical steps to take.

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“Aah! The season of crisp air, crunchy leaves and green bean casserole at Thanksgiving dinner. The season when your accountant starts bugging you to get your tax documents together!”

Here’s a brochure that reminds donors on how to reduce the income tax they will owe this year.

Clearly reminds them on how they benefit, and how your organization benefits.

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Strategies to Lower Your Tax Bill this Year

And support [your organization] while you’re at it.

Would you like to reduce the income tax you’ll owe this year?

Good. Because you’ve got choices. Try one or more of the following strategies. They all benefit you, and some also benefit the [ORGANIZATION].

How low can you go?
Use your charitable deduction.

Buy low, give high.
Give appreciated stock.

Your loss is your gain.
Turn depreciated stock into a win.

He said, she said.
Check your spouse’s gains and losses.

Worth the wait.
Postpone income till next year.

It’s okay to be selfish when you give.
Make gifts.

The gift that pays you back.
Establish a trust before the end the year.