12 Month Planned Giving Marketing Plan

This isn’t a marketing calendar — this is a detailed blueprint to build your planned giving marketing program for success.

Note: This is a draft. Actual documents not included.


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This item: 12 Month Planned Giving Marketing Plan

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Three Planned Giving Pocket Guides
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Planned Giving Pocket Guide for Professional Gift Planners
Planned Giving Pocket Guide for Major Gifts Officers

It Just Can’t Get Simpler …

NOTE: This product is currently under development. At last. A step-by-step, easy-to-implement, no-excuses guide to advance your planned and major gifts program in 52 weeks or less. And best of all, it’s free!

This isn’t just another marketing calendar — this is a detailed, weekly blueprint to build your planned giving marketing program for success. This easy to implement (yet highly effective) marketing program will show you exactly what to do —and when to do it. Even better, you can start at any time of the year you want!

Because this product is free, it includes only the step-by-step instructions for a comprehensive direct mail and social media campaign — not the actual content. Think of it as a “What and When” guide that will help you to evaluate the time and investment needed to create an effective marketing program before you purchase the rest of the contents.

If your organization has plenty of DIY capability, our free 12-Month Marketing Guide’s instructions will help you build the framework for a comprehensive, multi-channel planned giving marketing program. And because the materials are available a-la-carte, you can always purchase only the items you really need.


  • Tips, tricks and expert advice
  • Insights and recommendations from experts
  • Comprehensive print and digital marketing schedule

Not included:

  • Documents, filler articles, intention forms
  • Templates, graphics, artwork
  • Solicitation letters, letters of instruction
  • Samples from others

No more procrastination: Set goals, create a strategy, and use these actionable tactics to get your planned giving program off the back burner and into the spotlight. Do it yourself, or let us do it for you. It’s time to put your nonprofit—and your career— on the fast track to success with the 12 Month Planned Giving Marketing Plan.