Beneficiary Designations Postcard Template


This is a fully customizable template for an oversized postcard that will stand out in your prospects’ mailboxes. In mere minutes, you can swap out your colors, insert your information and have a gorgeous direct mail piece ready to print and send. Any designer can work with you to do this. Direct mail has never been easier or more affordable.


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Download PDF Sample Pages (Beneficiary Designations)



Why Promote Beneficiary Designations?

This is the legacy gift anyone can make. All it takes is a simple signature. Plus, it keeps your money out of probate. People like that. In the case of retirement accounts, it avoids significant taxes. People like that, too. Many people would gladly designate a bank account, retirement account or insurance policy to support a mission they believe in if they knew how easy it was. So tell them!

What You Get:

  • Multiple options for catchy headlines that ensure your audience will turn the card over to read the back.
  • Simple, easy to “get” legally-vetted language that highlights the benefits of this gift plan, along with a sidebar of “More Ways to Make Your Mark on the Future,” and a compelling call to action.
  • Different layouts to choose from and quality images you can keep or replace with your own.


  • Adobe InDesign needed (PC or MAC).
  • When you see font errors, it’s because of your system. Just replace all fonts with your own.