Charitable Bequest Planner

The Perfect Leave-Behind for Legacy Society Events!

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Penn and quill planning bequest
This item: Charitable Bequest Planner

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The Perfect Leave-Behind for Legacy Society Events!

Help your prospects become donors with PlannedGiving.Com’s easy-to-use, step-by-step Charitable Bequest Planner.

The Planner takes the guesswork out of charitable bequests — for the donor and the nonprofit. You’ll know the anticipated size of the gift; how the donor expects the gift to be used; how to reach the donor’s executor; and — most importantly — you’ll have it all confirmed in writing. Vetted by an attorney, The Charitable Bequest Planner has everything your donor needs to make a transformative gift to your nonprofit. Show prospects that your organization is worthy of a bequest with this professional, attractive blueprint that will help chart the future of your organization.

  • Easy-to-follow checklist for the donor
  • Attorney-vetted will language covering four types of bequests
  • Resource list and helpful links to aid in donor’s research


  • What Is a Charitable Bequest
  • The Benefits of a Bequest
  • Part 1: The Checklist
  • Part 2: Bequest Language for Your Will or Trust
    • General Bequest (Under Trust)
    • Specific Bequest (Under Will)
    • Residuary Bequest (Under Will)
    • Contingent Bequest
  • Part 3: Choosing the Recipient of Your Bequest

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