Collectible WWI and WWII Nostalgic Postcards

Are your donors “older?” Read on. This is a great tool bringing back the days of nostalgia.


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Sometimes, “what is old is new again.”

People are yearning for simpler times, and are hungry for nostalgia.  And it doesn’t get much more nostalgic than a postcard that shows your heartfelt connection with peers, prospects, clients, and friends.

These are US Mail Postcards that Have Never Been Used

Why not help your donors bring back some of the memories of their youth?  Show them your appreciation with a gift of a collectible bundle pack of nostalgic postcards, printed over 30 years ago and in pristine condition, often trading on eBay for over $10 a card!

Unlike most generic gifts chosen from a catalogue sent to all nonprofits, collectible postcards are unique — and they’re a friendly way to a sincere, personal connection. They might even earn a spot on the refrigerator door!

If you are tired of the sterile nature of most generic donor gifts, remember that postcards can cut through the noise (and insincerity) of today’s world. Plus, these can be passed from generation to generation — all while making an emotional connection along the way.

These Cards Are Not Reproductions.

These collectible postcards were printed in limited runs during the 1970s and 1980s. They are duplicates of artwork popular when The Greatest Generation was helping to shape our nation — and save the world.

After we run out, they will be gone forever.

One last note … we’re sorry to inform you that you can no longer use a 12-cent stamp to mail these cards — but wouldn’t it be nice if you could!

PS: These are not just for donors! Use them yourself with a handwritten message thanking donors for their generosity.