Intention Forms and Sample “Thank You”

Simple documents you can adapt to your organization.

  • Bequest Intention Form
  • Two General Intention Forms
  • “Thank You” Letters (3 Examples)
  • Sample Donor Story


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A few notes and reminders …

  1. No two intentions forms or “thank you” letters are the same. You have enough choices here to spark your creativity and adapt these for your organization. Or, perhaps one may work “almost as is”.
  2. Two of the intention forms are in Adobe InDesign. Why? The design elements can be more tightly controlled than in MS Word. Work with your graphic designer on this. For your convenience we have created a PDF of these same files so that you can at least view them. You’ll just need Adobe Reader.
  3. PLEASE, be careful when you customize these to make sure you get the [organization] placeholder out. And of course, as well as [Dear Ms. Doe]!