IRA / IRA Rollover Postcard Template

This is a fully customizable template on Gifts from Retirement Plans that also covers the IRA Rollover (QCD – Qualified Charitable Distribution).

It’s an oversized postcard that will stand out in your prospects’ mailboxes!

In mere minutes, you can swap out your colors, insert your information and have a gorgeous direct mail piece ready to print and send. Any designer can work with you to do this. By using your internal resources to print and mail the card, you save 40% or more compared to what a full service mail house would charge. Direct mail has never been easier or more affordable.


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Why Promote Planned Gifts From An IRA?

Your prospects will be thrilled to know they can avoid excess taxes on their hard-earned retirement assets, while at the same time supporting a cause they care about. Beneficiary designations and IRA Rollovers are extremely popular among tax-savvy philanthropists. You can promote gifts of retirement assets any time, but it’s especially effective when you tie it to your year-end giving message.

Do not wait until the last minute. Begin preparation in August and mail the same card three times.

What You Get:

  • Multiple options for catchy headlines that ensure your audience will turn the card over to read the back.
  • Simple, easy to “get” language that highlights the benefits of this gift plan, along with a sidebar of “More Ways to Make Your Mark on the Future,” and a compelling call to action.
  • Different layouts to choose from and quality images you can keep or replace with your own.

Software Needed:

Adobe InDesign. Swap out incompatible fonts with any fonts you have on your computer.