Million Dollar Fundraising Workbook

You can find new major donors within the next 30 days – and start building relationships with them easily and effectively…

AND You never again need to spin your wheels on fundraising strategies that waste time, money, and energy without producing results…


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Welcome to the Major Donor Fundraising Jumpstart Workbook. This workbook is designed to be used alongside our Major Donor Magic program to help you build a strong and sustainable major donor system for your organization.

This workbook is divided into 7 sections, with each section serving as a companion to a single module in our Major Donor Magic program. In each section, you’ll find 2-3 articles explaining different parts of the corresponding module, as well as a worksheet you can print out and use as you plan your major donor system.

As I noted in the first webinar of the program, our goal for Major Donor Magic is to help your non-profit put together a fully systemized major donor program – one that will help you find new major donors, get them passionate about your work, solicit them for gifts, and keep them giving for a lifetime – no matter the size of your organization or your fundraising team!

I know that your non-profit does great work, and I want to help your organization raise the money you need to grow your programs and impact. Use the tips and worksheets in this guide, along with the class modules, to build the major gift program your non-profit needs and deserves!

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