Planned Giving Micro-site

New! Now available with an optional subscription to LegacyPlanner™ Lite. See below.

This product is designed to get you “in the game.”

  • Turnkey (we do all the work).
  • Affordable.
  • Donor Centric.
  • And your board will appreciate you’re “in the game.

$795.00 / year

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This item: Planned Giving Micro-site

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$795.00 / year
$795.00 / year
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Planned Giving Toolkit
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Legacy Planner Lite
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Finally. A Planned Giving Website for the Smaller Shop

A product designed to get you “in the game.”

  • Turnkey (we do all the work)
  • Affordable
  • Donor centric
  • Your board will love it

The most successful organizations know planned giving is a critical component in their fundraising engine. They realize a planned giving program is the hallmark of an organization that’s serious about its mission — and that savvy donors expect to see planned giving options. And they understand that planned giving is, dollar-for-dollar, the simplest, most cost-effective tool in their fundraising kit.

Here’s your chance to be part of it.

The process is simple: after you submit payment, we’ll email you a 5 minute questionnaire asking for your basic information such as:

  • Contact information and names
  • Logo
  • Very basic gift acceptance policies (Do you accept real Estate?)

What you get:

  • Essential gift plans covered
  • Interactive gift comparison chart
  • Videos of each gift plan
  • Video: What is planned giving?
  • Video: IRA Rollover (how it works)
  • Your logo
  • Custom banner photo
  • Branded with your organization’s name
  • Contact information
  • Calendar and 7-Page Marketing Guide
  • Admission to our Micro-Lessons
  • Online subscription to Giving Tomorrow
  • Single copy of the Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide
  • A 50% discount at Planned Giving Wiki

Why Do You Need a Planned Giving Website?