IRA Rollover Toolkit


IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts — The “Tax Free” Gift

Everything You Need!

Donors age 70½ and older are allowed to make direct transfers up to $100,000 per year from traditional IRA accounts to qualified charities.

Under the new SECURE Act, donors may still make direct gifts via qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) at age 70½.

This enhanced toolkit includes:

  • Promotional copy for multiple direct mail letters to send throughout the year
  • Follow-up postcards and e-mail text
  • Instruction letter your donors can send to their IRA plan providers
  • Sample gift acknowledgement letter

We’ve purposely included more than the usual amount of detail in these materials. You can:

  • Customize them
  • Brand them (to match your program’s style)
  • Reuse them

Copyright license limited to one organization only. This is a strict policy.

IRA Rollover Toolkit - Qualified Charitable Distribution
IRA Rollover Toolkit