DAFs: opportunity & reward

An intense 60-minute primer for every nonprofit.

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These are the most successful nonprofits that consistently have adequate funding to advance their mission, hire staff, and plan for the future.

Still trying to raise funds using the same old data? Going into a new phase with the same old approach? Looking for bigger donations, but coming up short?

It’s time to cast your net wider and go beyond just focusing on cash donations.

Donors have far more to offer you than what’s in their bank account.  For example, some wealth studies suggest that those with just $100,000 of net worth have as much as 90% of their net worth in their residence, pension/IRA, and investments. Folks with closer to $1,000,000 in net worth generally have 3-4 times more wealth in investments and business interests than cash. And the big gift prospects – 50th reunion classes, capital campaign targets – probably have 5% or less of their wealth in green cash.

What else do you actually know about your donor that you are not including in your understanding of a prospect’s potential? For example, the average balance in a DAF account is over $180,000!

So motivating your staff to ask for gifts from other assets opens the door to much bigger gifts.

It’s time to look at some new data and try new approaches to building your relationships. Learn how to motivate your staff to ask for gifts from other assets and open the door to much bigger gifts in Brad Caswell’s webinar, Opportunity and Reward.


Thursday, 1 P.M. – 2 PM, EST

March 28, 2024


1 CFRE Credit. It’s an investment in your career.

Planned Giving Is Having a Moment*

As more uncertainty rattles the markets, it’s more important than ever to make planned giving an integral pillar that sustains your organization and helps weather the storm. Focusing on legacy giving creates long term stability.

More importantly, it will also cater to donors and prospects who may feel too stretched to give right now, but are more receptive to give by other means. The whole idea of “make a gift now with no impact on your day-to-day cash flow” is more attractive than ever.

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Certificate of completion awarded to each attendee.

Take Home

Pocket Guide for MGOs, Gift Comparison Chart, one year subscription to Giving Tomorrow magazine.

Planned giving and major gifts go hand-in-hand.

Some planned gifts can also be major gifts, and some major gifts will inspire planned gifts. Planned giving research is also a great way to identify potential major donors.