Planned Giving Power Hour Primer for Board, Trustees or Staff

60 minutes in the trenches: It’s intense, it’s effective. We’ve been perfecting it for 26 years. This primer will translate into decades of benefits for your organization.

Why You Need Your Staff, Trustees and Board on Board

When board members and trustees demonstrate their commitment to your planned giving program, it’s a signal to donors that they can trust your nonprofit’s dedication to the mission and its plan for the future.

Buy-In Is Key

Planned giving is a hallmark of legitimate, prestigious organizations that are serious about long-term goals. That means everyone on the team — especially board members and trustees — must understand, advocate for, and support your program. Since they are your most trusted ambassadors, getting their buy-in is critical to gaining donors’ trust.

One of the best ways to encourage planned gifts is to “give by example.” Board members and trustees must make their own planned gifts to lend credibility to the program. This primer motivates them to do so.

Trustee and board alignment with your planned giving program is key to motivating your team to incorporate planned giving into their work. When the board understands and values planned giving, it sends a message that securing legacy gifts is a priority, not an afterthought. This ensures planned giving becomes a part of your culture.

Fundraisers can’t do it all. Board members must help to open doors and motivate prospects. When all team members work together toward the same goals, it paves the road to success. And with the Great Wealth Transfer underway, success is a must!


Each primer is individually customized and scheduled for your nonprofit organization.

Expect a discovery call and questionnaire within 24 hours after you register.

60 minutes
Q&A (1 hour max additional)

Planned Giving Is Having a Moment (Chronicle of Philanthropy).


  • The Potential Opportunities
  • Why Now?
  • Impact & Inspiration

The How

  • Simple Gifts
  • Life Income Gifts
  • Gifts that Protect Assets
  • Blended Gifts
  • A Few Exotic Gifts

Facts & Stats

  • Aging of America
  • Bequests
  • Estate Planning Stats
  • Huge Success Stories
  • Media Reports


  • Relationships
  • Strategy
  • Competition & Distractions
  • Time, Money, Capacity

Planned gifts can get complicated. Marketing them shouldn't be.