One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

With video, comprehension and retention goes up: Studies show that when presented with information, most remember just 10 percent of what they heard or read after three days. Pair that content with video, that figure jumps to over 90 percent. Videos also brand you and helps Google to find you (SEO).

Get out of the 80s by incorporating these videos on your planned giving website.

Complete Details and How We Deliver Your Videos

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As Inexpensive as it Gets.

What would it cost you to produce these materials yourself?

  • Pay a marketing copywriter
  • Pay a planned giving specialist
  • Pay an attorney
  • Pay a proofreader
  • Pay a graphic designer
  • Pay with your time to oversee the project
Don’t forget to include "opportunity costs" — the cost of the gifts you didn’t have time to solicit.

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